Steering Group Members

Sue Swinchin

I’m Sue, mum to two daughters and three sons plus Bibi to a granddaughter. Between them we’ve dealt with Asperger’s syndrome, Type 1 diabetes, a blocking stammer, sensory processing difficulties, ITP, HSP, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and aortic stenosis. Two have had EHCP’s, one on the third attempt, the other after tribunal, we’ve also had to go through tribunal to get one sons PIP award. I was involved with SPCF 5 or 6 years ago but needed some time away, then rejoined in July 2018. I’ve learnt a lot from my kids and from friends who’ve battled the system before us, I’d like to repay that by trying to get parent carer voices listened to.

Jane Pickergill

Hi, I’m Jane Pickersgill and I’ve got twin boys who were identified as having learning difficulties back in nursery. For the past 14 years I’ve had to battle to get help for them and it’s exhausting at times. So back in February 2019 I decided to try and make a difference and joined SPCF Steering Group.Everyone is Friendly and welcoming and I’m enjoying it.I feel that the more that parent’s unite- the greater the chance that our voices will be heard and things will get better for our children.

Yael Smith

I am Ya’el, mother to two autistic children. They have both been diagnosed at a very young age and given a Statement of Special Educational Needs – those were the days!! We were very fortunate to have a relatively easy ride with the SEN system, but I realise that many parents do not share this experience. 
I have joined the Forum in 2018 and my hope is to make a difference to other parents, who are still navigating their way through the system. The reason I sit through many meetings and wonder why I am there is that I would like to communicate your concerns and bring your needs to the attention of the people who can actually affect change. I hope that, in some small way, I will achieve this goal someday.

Kellie Wright

Hi, I’m Kellie Wright, I am married with 3 children and 1 grandchild. Our birth son is 22 and gave us the most wonderful taste of general parenting, where we were blissfully unaware of the struggles of parents around us. In 2012 we became legal guardians to 2 beautiful children who have woken us up and shown us just how hard it is to get support, to get a diagnosis, to get recognition and to just be heard. Both children, now 10 & 11 have Asd, Adhd and Fasd. I became involved with the SPCF Steering group in February 2019 because I am passionate about supporting other parents and carers in every day life and in facing the trials we faced and are still trying to overcome. I truly believe empowering each other and being one voice we can begin to effect change and progression for our young warriors.